Eat an Apple day does keep the doctor away. Apples are full of antioxidants that treat liver disorders, diabetes, and heart diseases. They also ease stomach disorders, and constipation. Any apple is good choice, but red delicious contain about twice the antioxidants as other varieties. Eat them unpeeled so you don’t throw out all the antioxidants lurking in and under the skin.

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GINGER (Zingiber officinale) relieves motion sickness and nausea, even from cancer treatments. Patients who took ginger for three days prior to another three days after each round of chemotherapy were able to cut down or eliminate their anti-nausea medicine. Simply stir a quarter teaspoon of powder ginger into water or tea, sprinkle ground ginger on food, take capsules, or gently cook fresh. Some researchers think ginger works even better when accompanied by a high protein meat.

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BASIL (Ocimum basilicum) also curbs nausea, even from chemotherapy, when eaten before and after treatments. Basil pesto will also do the trick. Prefer dried basil to flavor your pasta, it still retains many antioxidants.

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Toss a fresh bunch of PEPPERMINT (Mentha x piperita) into your grocery cart to counter nausea and motion sickness. Fresh leaves provide even more flavor and medicine. Recipes calling for peppermint include Middle Eastern tabouli and couscous. Or, enjoy a tasty peppermint tea.  Get rid of cholesterol  by eating (Capsicum spp.) capsaicin- not only helps the body break down cholesterol, but it alsoget rid of it. Plus, it blocks a gene that makes arteries contract and restrict the blood flow. You do not have to go so far as to bite into a habanero pepper. However , the hotter the taste, the more capsaicin.

Mulberries are beginning to appear on supermarket shelves. Choose them fresh, dried or frozen to reduce mildly high cholesterol. Just go easy. Eating lots of these berries can cause diarrhea. On the other hand, they can be helpful when constipated!

FIGHT INFECTION Garlic fights a wide range of infections, from bacteria, fungi, protozoa,and viruses, thanks to sulfur compounds like allicin. It even destroys some bacteria strains so resistant to antibiotics that drugs  prove useless against them. Allicin is released by the lungs, helping clear respiratory infections and bronchial disorders like asthma. It may even help prevent lung cancer. If you cannot stand the taste, pills and capsules are available.


WATERMELON When your muscles are sore and tired, do you reach for over the counter pain reliever? When athletes at the University of Cartagena in Colombia drank watermelon juice an hour before doing eleven minutes of fast pedaling on exercise bikes, their muscles were not sore afterwards, thanks to the high amounts of the amino acid. L-citrulline, found in watermelon.


Both honeydew and cantaloupe reduce  not only physical, but mental fatigue as well. Cantaloupe lessened stress factors when volunteers took a concentrated extract for three months. It turns out the melon is loaded with the potent antioxidant enzyme. Sod (superoxide dismutase), which is also sold as a supplement.

Marathon runners needed only to eat antioxidant tart cherries (Prunus cerasus) to avoid sinus inflammation that is so common in endurance athletes. Each day the runners drank eight ounces of juice-made from about 50 cherries blended with apples- five days before the racing and two days afterwards. During the race, inflammation began to develop, as expected, but quickly dropped afterwards, allowing pain free recovery. As a bonus, cherry studies report increased performance.

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