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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are like a secret treasure waiting patiently to be re-discovered by our beings. So many of us are familiar with the healing powers of oils for physical conditions, but aren’t familiar with the healing abilities on an emotional level. Counselors, doctors and pharmaceutical companies don’t approve because they are still trying to figure out how something as simple as an essential oil can transform trauma or anger that has been ingrained in us since childhood so quickly and with little or no effort.     

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Can Help Us Recover Our Emotional Well being One Oil At A Time            


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How do Essential Oils Work to Heal our Body, Mind and Spirit              

Here are four reasons why therapeutic grade essential oils truly heal a emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels!                                  

1)Therapeutic Grade Oils have Multiple Healing Properties

Therapeutic grade oil are the pure liquid of the plant that comes from seeds, roots, leaves, stem, flowers, etc. They are the purest grade of oil therefore; all the properties of the oils are completely maintained. It is their properties that provide the health potential. Each oil contains multiple healing properties such as cleansing, relaxing, releasing, antispasmodic and more! And every oil addresses the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical components of our beings.                                                          

Why don’t Pure Grade, Fragrant of Aromatherapy Grade Oils provide  Therapeutic Value?    

Fragrant grade and aromatherapy grade oils have been adulterated from their natural state either by how they were grown, harvested, distilled or bottled. Once the Chemistry of the oil has been changed, it no longer has the therapeutic properties that support our body to heal naturally.            

2) Therapeutic Grade Oils Can Cross the Blood -Brain- Barrier              

Essential Oils are Aromatic meaning they consist of very small molecules. The molecules can penetrates the skin, follow nerve pathways and cross the blood-brain-barrier within seconds. Aromas elicit an immediate response because smell is the only sense wired directly to the brain. Therefore, when the smell of the oil crosses the blood-brain-barrier and enters the limbic system or the emotional brain it immediate brings up a memory and emotion that is stored in this part of the brain ?  

3) Therapeutic Grade Oils Can Cleanse, Delete and Restore Information on a DNA Level

Essential oils heal by cleansing, deleting and re-establishing information on a cellular level. This is primarily done by three groups of compounds; phenols, sesquiterpenes,and monoterpenes (PMS) that are found in essentials oils. This is why the oils  in the Raindrop Technique elicit a physical and emotional response during or after a session. And this is the main reason why oils can not only transform subconscious emotions, beliefs and patterning on a DNA level stored anywhere in the body, but can also help to re-anchor new healthy pattern.                                                                                                          

4) Therapeutic Grade Oils Carry a High Electromagnetic Frequency

Every living organism has a electromagnetic frequency or vibration associated with it. Essential Oils have extremely high frequency and as such, help us transform emotions and bring the body into a higher state of vibration. The higher the frequency, the better it is for your body on a physical and emotional level.                                                                       Negative emotions and thoughts can actually drop our frequency up to 15 MHz. Our body stores them in glands, organs or various systems of the body at the corresponding frequency. Eventually negative emotions create dis-ease as the emotion lowers the frequency of the place where it is stored or it creates an energy block. This is why often times when we released an emotion, the physical symptom or condition is healed instantaneously! As you can see, just the aroma of Rose Essential Oil can increase your vibration frequency.                                                                

How do we use Essential Oils to clear Patterns, Emotions or Beliefs for Ourselves and Our Animals

There are several steps to this process including a pattern, belief or emotion that you would like to change; be willing to change it; understanding the pattern or belief that is creating the circumstance ; clearing and reprograming; and anchoring new pattern, if necessary.    

What are the Various Emotions or Beliefs that Essential Oils Can Address?     

A pattern; belief or emotion is a fixed energy program in that they that can be changed regardless the circumstance that created it; or the form in which it is manifesting now in your life. Fear, insecurity, grief, doubt, lack of confidence, etc. all can be change we are not a victim of our programing unless we allow it.                                                                  

What are some Examples that I Have Observed?                                

 How Essential Oils Helped With Fear, I had a client that had overwhelming fear about her past and future; and never lived in the present moment. She projected her body into the future creating separation between her body and mind which produced so much fear it scared her and then she would start to affect her breathing. Our future thoughts are actions in the moment; so by creating a state of constant fear by reflecting on the past and worrying about the future she created the same patterns over and over again. During an intuitive session I selected Tangerine and Present Time Essential Oils for her. Both Oils addressed the resistance to change so she could manifest her future in the in the present. The Tangerine Essential Oil calmed her nervous  system; provided self nurturing; and encouraged self transformation and Present Time kept her consciously present where she could not longer separate her body into two different states.  

How Essential Oils Transformed I Can’t to I Can Do

I used to teach an 11 year old girl who was very talented rider but she was always resistant to learn and do new things even though she said she wanted to. Her words were always I can’t or I won’t, which really mean’t I’m scared. Her resistance to changing created stress, lack of concentration and a situation where she could never hear me correctly which meant she didn’t do things correctly. She also would blame the horse for everything and not take any responsibility for the results! As you can imagine, this created one viscous circle of frustration for both of us. Being a rider, trainer and intuitive, I knew it wasn’t the horse or the training that was the problem; It was her history and belief system that made it so challenged others immediately particularly those who were authority figures. I intuited the oils of spearmint, lemon and orange, and went with a blend called citrus fresh that contains a combination of the oils and others. I asked her to smell the oil and I placed it on her horses ears. We also did an energetic technique to help her release the energies of frustration and stress. She then proceeded to jump six jumps perfectly for the first time since I started teaching her! Her mom was so thrilled she purchased the oil and allowed her daughter to use it for riding and school. Not only did her riding improve dramatically from then on, but attitude and her grades did too! Spearmint helps us release feelings of self-disgust and frustration, and responsibility for your own truth. Citrus oils helped her minimize her stress, increase her focus and nourish the part of her that I could!

Ready to take Action and put Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to Work With Your Life?                                                                                        

If your looking to transform your life quickly, then I recommend assistance in finding the exact oil that produces an immediate change.  As an Intuitive, I have a distinctive gift of being able to read emotional patterning and beliefs for people and their animals. During an intuitive session, I select an oil or blend specifically for you that will provide positive, direct results that you will help you recover your physical and emotional wellbeing one oil at a time.                                                    

NOTE: These Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.

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