My New Journey To A Healthy Life

I have found this doctor, he is actually a chiropractor. He first did all kinds of blood and urine tests to find out what is really going on inside me. So a week later he says I have leaky gut and too much mercury inside of me. So now doing a cleansing and in a month they will check the blood to see how long I need to cleanse and along with the cleanse I’m taking supplements to build my body back up and then finally get off the medicine. This is expensive so far $7000. but I stop my insurance so instead of wasting money on insurance to doctors who don’t really give a shit if you live or die. I’m giving it to someone who will fix me because after this 6 months I will only go back for blood work to make .sure  I stay healthy. So excited that for the first time I know that I will be done with doctors and not live my life around my sickness. This is short but  I will update every week with the progress.

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