My Life Changing From Western Medicine To Natural Cures

 Welcome to my new life finding natural medicine 

  I started blogging because I was sick of doctors giving me more and more medicine and I would get sicker. Please be careful on taking medicine read the side affects.  My end of the road was I had Ulcertive Colitis and so they gave me predisone and I took it for a year, so I was looking online how to get off and when I read about this 13 year old girl and she stop taking  the predisone and became really depressed and didn’t want to go to school and somehow I want people to start looking at alternative medicine. My granddaughter had juvenile arthritis and my daughter in law took her to a natural doctor and never , had to take medicine and she is good and just takes a mix of herbs. Medicine just covers up whats going on, and alternative will fix whats wrong. And the problem with medicine is it will work for awhile and then you will need to change to another. And the side affects are unbelievable. From just the predisone my hair fell out, my legs swelled up, I got afib and had to add 3 other medicines and 2 days in ICU of $10,000. in hospital bills. And to top it off my diabetes was out of control so it did alot of damage. The predisone causes you not to be able to control diabetes, no matter what you do.     My blog is not about complaining, I am searching out alternative  things to heal and not to take pharmaceutical medicine. I will try alot of things to see if they work. I am not a doctor.             This winter or flu season, I did not get the flu shot instead, I had bought some oils for me and my son called Purely Crafted Immunity, Essential Oil and we did not get sick. Each time we felt like we were getting sick we used this oil on our feet.

Please see your doctor before trying anything else or stop taking anything else. And you can contact me here on the website with any questions, and if I don’t know I will find out. Jana



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