My Life Changes

I’m so excited, and I really hope that I can reach out to others and help. When I had taken prednisone, a few years ago, I developed neuropathy in my legs. When you have diabetes and take predisone you can not get your sugars under control, so when this happens your body starts attacking itself. Neuropathy is nerve damage and so my legs started getting numb, and you become unbalanced, so it was hard to walk. They started to get worse and I was getting scared. So I started to research and found out what I needed to do. Let me back track and last summer I went to a vascular doctor to see what I can do, so they ran some test and still could not diagnose what was wrong and the last I heard from them was they wanted to run more test. So now back to my research, I had found that you could stimulate the nerves and they would heal. So I got me a tens unit from amazon it was called techcare and it came with a diagram of all the pressure points and in two weeks of using this three time a day, I started to feel the change. And now its been a month and my legs are more than 50% better. I was so scared, I could not lose my legs, but doctors would not help, The only thing I have ever found was the people that advertise in the paper and they are not licensed to do treatment so they want you to pay around $1000. month for their treatment, out of your pockect, because insurance won’t pay. So somehow I want to get the word out to help others to fix their legs. And I am willing to let people contact me with questions so that they too can get their legs back. Jana

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