My change

It took 20 years of prescriptions to see what they were doing to me. First I got diabetes and they gave me metformin and then 10yrs. later it was insulin and to give my self shots twice a day and I did not like needles. This is what my life has become all the while people around me were talking about natural medicine but it still took me 10yrs. to listen. It took something drastic to change everything. I got nausea for 6 months, couldn’t go anywhere did not eat much. Doctor after Doctor , medicine after medicine and 3 colonoscapth . The medicine would work for a while then it would stop working. The last colonoscopy they said I had Ulcertive Colonitis so they gave me predisone the evil drug so for 3 months I had to take 40mg everyday, It was to stop the inflammation but no one every said the danger of this steroid and if I didn’t get off it asap it was going to be a nightmare. I looked on line

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