I Have My Life Back, Thank You Dr. Kan (Leaky Gut)

Thank you Dr. Kan. I will start from the beginning. I have lived with nausea for 6 years. First took out my gallbladder that worked for awhile. Then it started again so had my first colonoscopy, I had Krohn’s so they gave me pills for that still it wasn’t long before it came back. So back and forth to the dr. again and again. Then to the dr. who gave me prednisone and that started a nightmare. With all the trouble that went on for 2 years and trying to clean up the mesh of the after effects.

Now it brings me to Dr. Kan, I found him online and only 2 blocks from my home. At first, I didn’t know what he was going to do, we started with blood work $1500. worth, he wanted to know everything that was going on inside of me. After a week he called me in to explain my blood work and what was wrong.  Leaky Gut is what he said, high on mercury and low on vitamin D. So he put me on supplements to detox and all kinds of stuff to fix what I’m lacking. Here’s the best part of it in a week I started to really feel good inside, I just started to feel full of life again. I drink 2 smoothies a day this is the detox. Then I take supplements to get my system in order and I do all this for 30 days and then he will check my blood and urine to see how far along I am.  And I had to stop taking insulin because my blood sugar kept dropping. So 1 medicine gone and 4 to go. I can not stress enough how much better I feel. If you have things going on on the inside please find a good Integrated Dr. or go to Dr. Kan website he can help you over the phone or give you someone to help you. Or email me I will help you find a dr. even if your not in the US, I will ask him to find a doctor.



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