Leaky Gut

Dr. Axe gave a great example to explain leaky gut. The stomach has a lining and its like a net and it gets damage bye drugs, toxins and pathagens and once this happens everything passes through to your bloodstream into your body and you get sick with autoimmune disease, GI issues and food allergies. Once this happens you can’t absorbs nutrients.Toxic waste can also leak from the inside of your intestinal wall into your into your bloodstream causing immune reaction. This leads to inflammation through your system, ┬ásuch as bloating, food sensitives, thyroid condition, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, skin issues, like rosacea and acne ,digestive problem,weight gain and syndrome X. Leaky Gut affects the whole body. Brain-depression, anxiety, ADHD. Skin-acne, eczema,rosacea, psoriasis. Thyroid-hashimoto,hypothroidism,graves. Colon-constipation,diarrhea,IBD. Adrenal-fatigue. Joint- rheumatoid arthritis,ial Imbal fibromyalgia. Sinus and mouth-frequent colds, food sensitivities. There are four main cause for Leaky Gut,1 poor diet,2 chronic stress, 3 toxin overload, 4 bacterial imbalance. Next we will fix Leaky Gut

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