Perfect BioticsFor all of you that have read my postings, you know I have had stomach problems so I have been trying everthing to fix it. I did the Castrol Oil Packs for several months and it works great but you need to put the good stuff back in your stomach so now I’m using Perfect Biotics by Perfect Origins. It says I will start seeing a difference in a week, so I will keep posting my progress.

The science behind why you feel the way you do.  Reduce bloating and flatulence, improve digestion, promote regularity, quench toxins, reduce GI inflammation, support immune system, reduce dairy intolerance,  reduce allergic responses, and repair damaged intestinal lining all with one solution. When the digestive system is unhealthy and out of balance, the following signs and symptoms may occur:

Bloating, belching, an flatulence after meals

Weight gain

Depression Anxiety 

Increased risk of Autism


Mental fogginess


Systemic reaction after eating, such as sweating

Nausea or diarrhea after taking supplements

Rectal itching

weak or cracking nails

Dilated blood vessels in the cheeks and nose

Post adolescent acne or other skin irritations such as rosacea 

Iron deficiency Chronic intestinal infections, parasites, yeast, unfriendly bacteria Undigested foods

Greasy stools

Skin that bruises easily


Amenorrhea (absent of menstruation)

Chronic vaginitis (vaginal irritation)

Autoimmune diseases

Image result for gutUnhealthly digestive system can cause so many problems. Many people think of the gut solely as the mechanism by which the body digest food. However, your gastrointestinal (GI) tract is much more than a digestive center, in the scientific community it is literally called your second brain. The gut is called the second brain because it controls the complex process of the digestion without the assitance of the brain, because it has its own nervous system known as the ENTERIC NERVOUS SYSTEM.   Image result for second brain

The gut produces 95% of the “happy/ feel good” Chemical, called serotonin. Without adquate levels of serotonin, we experience insomnia and depression, because the chemicals produced in the gut affect the whole body. This is known as “gut/brain axis”.

This means that the same chemicals that influence your gastrointestinal system affects also your endocrine (hormone) immune, behavioral, and emotional functions. As you see, regarding the GI as a digestion center only is an unforunate oversimplification, because dysfunctions of the GI is one of the primary contributing factors. To many chronic health problems such as: trouble losing weight, sinus and allergy problem, and autoimmune disorders. 

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A healthy gut has four primary functions

1)  Digest of food and absorption/distribution of nutrients

2) Prevention of toxins and “bad” bacteria from entering the body

3) Site for specialized cells that produce digestive enzymes, peptide hormones and “neurotransmitters” such as serotonin

4) Acts as a communication center to the endocrine and immune systems about the outside enviroment The gastronintestinal system is so important to your overall health that the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who lived 400 years before Jesus Christ (over 2400 years ago) once said”All diseaese begin in the gut”. It is said “Knowledge is power” It is also written,” People are destroyed for lack of Knowledge”  about how the body function and thus, a lack of proper care of the body-leads to its dysfunction and a long road of health struggles, needless pain, and suffering for both you and your loved ones.

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