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Essential oils are rapidly becoming popular today, But they have been around for thousands of years. In fact in the Bible, you’ll find over 300 references to oils.

      Essential oils were used to inaugurate kings and queens. When you read in the Bible,”anoint your head with oils”, it was actually referring to essential oils. Historically, this was a very specific oil blend, of cinnamon oil, cassia, calamus, myrrh essential oil along with olive oil. Frankincense and myrrh essential oils were brought as gifts to the infant Jesus. In fact, Frankincense and myrrh were worth as much as gold was during those days.

        Frankincence, for instance was used during that time to reduce bruising. It was also great for the nervous system, so it would be rub on a child after birth to support its growth and to protect its immune system. Myrr essential oil is a natural antiseptic. So, it would been rubbed around the umbillical cord to keep that area from getting infected afterbirth.

       Essential oils were also used in Chinese and Egyptian medicine. In fact they found several hundred liters of partly empty alabaster jars of essential oils in King Tuts tomb. It’s actually been documented that Cleopatra opened the first beauty spa and she used essential oils in her treatment.

    Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, is famous for saying “Let food be thy medicine.”  He prescribed essential oils for healing for over 2000 years ago. So why were essential oils used so widely throughout the Bible and throughout Egyptain and Chinese medicine?

     One reason essential oils were used so much throughout history is because they are so easy extract from plants… and your body naturally knows how to work with the plants and oil-based compounds.

      Here’s why you need to know how to use essential oils today.

If you want to make-over your medicine cabinet, there’s no better way than with essential oils.

1. Replace dangerous drugs

2. Reduce inflammation 

3. Balance hormones

4. Clear up acne

5. Get rid of age spots & scarring

6. Support weight loss

7. Detoxify your body

8. Clean your home

9. Improve allergies

10. Improve spirtual awareness

   Essential oils are the most effective form of plant-based medicine. Most medicines today originally were inspired by a plant, then synthetically recreated, which can be toxic to the body. Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural and gentle on the body. You need to know how to work with plants and their oil based compounds. When you smell a rose or a peppermint leaf, what you are actually smelling is the essential oil. There’s nothing added, Nothing synthetic. True essential oils are created by simply extracting the therapeutic, aromatic compounds from the plant. Most oils are concentrated between 10 to 70 times what you would find in the normal plant. So your getting very, very high levels of the therapeutic healing compounds when you use essential oils. Essential oils work better than most modern medicines available.  The compounds are so small they can actually pass into the cell wall, which allows them to help destroy viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites and other diseases that get into your body. This is one reason why essential oils are so effective. Essential oils work better because they contain high amounts of therapeutic compounds.

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