Up Date on My Life Of Medicine And The Flu

I have been dealing with the world of, is it flu or a cold? I have been so careful when I go out but still got sick after the holidays from a cold from my sister. My problem was breathing so they had to give me prednisone only five days.

But the most important thing is my legs. I have thought all along that my legs it was neuropathy, but along with that, it was lymphedema, which is the lymph nodes get plug up. By getting a massage on my legs we discovered that was helping. So I have been going to physical therapy where I get cold laser therapy to heal the nerves on the bottom of my feet which are numb, with the laser I have almost all the feeling back. So with the massage, it’s all over my body and the swelling is gone in my legs because she is massaging all the liquid out of the lymph nodes I have to drink a lot of water to flush out the liquid. And this has only been about 5 times and maybe a few more massages and that will be done and the best part is it’s only twenty-five dollars for 30 minutes.


At the begining, I believe I was headed to a wheelchair and now I have my legs back. This is something doctors won’t send you to. This doctor is a chiropractor and discovered this method to treat the symptoms step by step. I found him by looking up neuropathy treatment and found him only 5 miles away, how lucky. And they also do acupressure and all kinds of alternative medicine.

I have found that you have to do the research to find people to help you and now if I can get around the colonoscopy, this is my next mission to find other ways to fix my stomach other than getting a colonoscopy, which the hardest part is drinking this terrible liquid  (2 gallons) and sit on the toilet for the next day before you can have this done, I have had 5 done all ready.

If anyone needs my help to find or search for help just email, I don’t want anyone to feel there is no answer I would have never thought of chiropractor to help me. My email is jamaniea@gmail.com.

And now I need your help if anyone knows a good health insurance, every time I get insurance on my own it’s not any good. The last one I got was $600. but you couldn’t have any pre-existing conditions and this was not disclosed until a month later they sent a letter. So $1200. later no insurance and I am a year away from Medicare.Thank you and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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