Curcumin in Cancer Studies

We have just begun to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to discovering all of the medicinal benefits that Curcumin has to offer. Curcumin seems to have an extremely wide range of potential use as a medicinal herb extract. With its increased bioavailability, this sleeping giant holds much promise as a curative and preventive remedy in the future.

Research has discovered some fantastic potential for Curcumin in aiding  the eradication of Cancer. With resourses opening up to make Curcumin more bioavailable, there have been some significant discoveries as to what Curcumin can do for the body when fighting Cancer.

Curcumin has remarkable bio-intelligence.  It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements, which makes it excellent for fighting disease. One outstanding thing that Curcumin can do when fighting Cancer is that it blocks the pathways, or signaling apparatus, that carcinogens or Cancer causing elements take when entering the cell.

Curcumin blocks off supply lines of amino acids, chemicals, and toxins that are necessary for the survival of the toxins that are necessary for the survival of the Cancerous antagonist cells. It prevents them from finding their way into the cell, keeps them from feeding or socializing, growing, and reproducing, and results in programmed Cancer cell death or suicide (apoptosis). Cells that do not die degrade to the point in which they cannot function properly.

You could describe Curcumin , in an abstract sense, as acting like a bouncer in a nightclub, preventing crowds from forming, knowing good patrons from bad ones, blocking the entrance to the club, keeping unsavory characters out, and eliminating other means of getting in.  If they do find their way in, the bouncer finds a way to expel these unsavory characters. Curcumin also has properties that keep cancer cells and plaques from clumping together, which inhibits the formation of grouping and growths. It regulates the proteins in the body, and every cell needs to have proteins. Curcumin cuts off or issues orders that prevent the body from building the types of proteins that create cancer cells or neuron tanglea that also causes Alzheimer’s. It is exciting to examine Curcumin’s potential in preventing, and possibly curing, cancer as well as other   diseases that take over the human body.

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The nuclear factor kappa B is a pro-inflammatory mediator in the majority of systems and supports the pro-proliferative features of cancer cells. The application of various drugs triggers signals that lead to an increase in cellular NF-kB activity causing cancer cells to reshape their survival pathways and become resistant to applied therapies. Curcumin has been shown to be an inhibitor of NF-kB activity, and this effect often leads to cellular apoptotic response or cell death. These factors were tested and confirmed in different biological systems has paved the way for research to establish combinations of Curcumin with various anticancer drugs and offer more efficient and less toxic types of cancer treatment.

Development of the most cancers is caused by defects in natural defense systems, which eliminate premalignant cells from the body.  Chemotherapy remains the basic and current contender against cancer, but it is limited by significant toxicity leading to severe side effects and acquired resistance. These types of obstacles require the intervention of approaches based on combinations of synergistic (compaatible energies) remedies, anticancer drugs, and procedures that would allow for attacking primary and metastatic cancer cells in different ways. There is an increasing amount of examples in which Curcumin has been given a particular reference due to its prevention of cancer by regulating various cell signaling and genetic pathways that cause cancer growth.

Another thing to note is that the cancer-causing mutating agents connected to cancer introduce carcinogens into the body through smoking or obesity issues. Studies have shown that Curcumin inhibits these mutating agents by regulating proteins.  The best thing about Curcumin is that there has not been an instance in the studies in which any negative side effects were produced or not tolerated well in humans.  Studies with Curcumin have shown useful results when used synergistically with chemotherapy for many different forms of cancer such as breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, mouth and throat cancer, colon and rectal cancer.  Pancreatic cancer studies have shown that Curcumin enhanced the median five-month survival rate to up to twenty-four months. That is a significant difference if you are expected to die within five months.


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