What is Beneficial Microbes?

I watched a web cast this week on Prebio Thrive. It made so much sense to me so I’m going to try it. I will give you a short version of this web cast.  I  also researched the reviews on the product and no complaints. I decided to order, so in two weeks I will report on how I feel.

So the short version is you have good micro’s and bad micro’s in your gut, you can eat bad food and feed the bad micro’s and they become strong and hijack your body. On the other hand you can take Prebio Thrive and eat good and the good guys win, you have more energy, your body is strong and you fight off diseases.

So a heart surgeon at Loma Linda University, named Dr. Gundry, was handed a patient that was a hopeless case, who couldn’t even be helped with surgery. He was seriously overweight, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and all the warning signs. He worked out regularly and tried to watch his diet.  Dr. Gundry discovered that the patient had actually reversed his heart’s life-threatening symptoms- symptoms that were inoperable- with nothing but a combination of natural dietary nutrients. This lead him to further research. The conclusions he made were unmistakable… and they led directly to the foundation of Gundry MD. By following the principles of his new research-study, he’s(Dr. gundry) now calling “Holobiotics,” he lost 70lbs.

He spent 14 years studying Microbiome and developing the principles of Holobiotics and this have since changed the lives of countless men and women. The key to strong, sustainable health lives in all of us…in the form of Beneficial Microbes. He also found that it was not only antibiotics that were destroying our good micro’s, something called LETCIN, found in tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, beans, cashews, peanuts, almonds, whole wheat bread and splenda.

One week of antibiotics will destroy all the micro’s in your stomach. So we need to put probiotic back into our stomachs, even now doctors will give you antibiotic and tell you to take probiotics with it. Dr. Gundry then discovered we needed prebiotics too and that the probiotics wouldn’t work without prebiotics


I am not selling this product , I will endorse it if it works.

Please talk to doctor first before you try any new products.

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