When the Doctors gave me prednisone my diabetes was out of control.  When your blood sugars are out of control there is damage done to your body. What started out as some numbness in my feet became painful and damage to the skin. Everywhere I went I could not find any help and I’m sure there are millions of people out there with this problem. No one would help they all acted like this is it live with it. I even went to a vascular dr., after 3 test they didn’t know so they needed more test, I never went back.

   I found an ad in the newspaper, saying they could help with neuropathy, it was a chiropractor, nothing to lose. He was doing ultraviolet rays to heal and it worked. Went there for awhile, it was not covered by my insurance and getting expensive and my legs were better.

Last year I got sicker and my legs got bad so I started looking again for a dr. to help. When I googled neuropathy this other dr. came up, so I went and checked him out. He used a cold laser on my feet it stimulated the nerves to heal and it worked. So I started seeing him twice a week. In the meantime my sister’s sister-in-law is a massage therapist at massage envy, She asked me if she could massage my legs, it’s called “lymphatic drainage” which gets the blood flowing again. So for about an hour, she massages my legs hard, and it worked the blood started flowing the color was coming back. So for a week, we walked a lot, we were on vacation and just that 1 hour of massaging got the blood to flowing again. I will be forever grateful that she massage my legs. I really thought I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. This is what you see, mostly older adults, their legs are swollen discolorder and have a hard time walking. And they all think there is no help or can’t afford it. They won’t advertise it there is no drugs involved, so I hope I can get this out there. Email me with any questions,



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